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Home Limousine Service, Inc. is a small family owned business which recently celebrated its ten year anniversary. We offer personal service with a friendly familiar face on each trip. Try us and you will be 100% satisfied!

Be sure to call Home Limousine Service when you need a Mamaroneck limo for business travel or a special occasion. We are here to provide you with the best service in town. We serve New York City and the surrounding areas.

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• Licensed by the Westchester County Taxi & Limousine Service

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Let Mamaroneck Limo Service help You Make a Style Statement

A limousine is a symbol of opulence, an indication of class. Whenever someone wants to make a statement with their arrival, limos are always the vehicle of choice. Movie stars arrive in limos for red carpet events and celebrities travel around in limos, making a statement of style and success. Hiring a limo used to the privilege of the affluent. But not any longer. You can easily find a quality Mamaroneck limo service that will provide you with your own limo to make any occasion special.

Arriving at your event makes it an even classier occasion by having a chauffer pick you up and drive you in a limo. You can take advantage of the range of special packages offered by limo service. For instance, when you hire a limo for a corporate event, you will be able to procure a corporate package that includes many related benefits. It is not a surprise that for most of the population, a ride in a limousine is a wondrous experience. It’s usually special occasions like weddings or romantic evenings on the town that call for a limo ride. Often, huge corporations might also send limos to pick up or drop off their special guests to the airport.

Mamaroneck Limo Service: Memorable Moments in a Limo

Going to special events becomes more exciting and fun when you get there in a limo. For special occasions like weddings or anniversary celebrations, limos add a touch of class. Hire a limo from Mamaroneck limo service and take a chauffeured ride in style to your favorite uptown restaurant and finish it off with a nice movie. Your favorite person will be thrilled that you chose to treat her with the luxury she deserves in a sleek limo and a night out in the town. A wedding proposal is big event in your life and a limousine will make the event even more special and unforgettable.

One event that a person never forgets in their lifetime is their prom night. It is well worth hiring a limo to make it an event to remember. Make your classmates go all green with envy while winning the graces of your special date. The 18th birthday is also a similar rite of passage. To celebrate the coming of age, what better than a limo from your Mamaroneck limo service. After years of struggle and hard work, make your graduation day a special treat with a comfortable and sleek limo ride. Nothing speaks more than a classy limo to drive your parents or grandparents to a fancy restaurant for a couples’ dinner on their anniversary. Also consider picking up an important business executive from the airport in style. Astound him was a lavishness that he is thoroughly impressed with your company’s elegance and awards you the deal.

Limos enhance several occasions but the one occasion where limo is absolutely essential is your wedding day. It is the most special day and the most special way to embark on the journey of your life with your partner is amidst the elegance and beauty of a limo. The bride and groom need to start their journey of life in style and nothing is better for this than a limo.

There are different types of limos to suit different occasions. A professional Mamaroneck limo service can give you a traditional Lincoln limo for a wedding. A BMW limo is the best choice for a romantic date with your significant other. For friends, choose a Hummer limo for sports events and luxury SUV limo for a wild night out.

Mamaroneck Limo Service: Rent a Limo

Of course it would be nice to own your own limo and ride around in style every day, but for most of us that’s not possible, which makes renting a limo from a Mamaroneck limo service all that more special. The best part is, for a day or an evening you get to feel special as well.

There are many limo packages and services. To make the most of them speak with a qualified representative of the Mamaronecklimo service. Have a clear idea on how you’ll use the limo: the number of hours, number of passengers, your budget etc. It is very crucial to ensure that the limo you hire has enough room to accommodate your entire party. Selecting the wrong limo leads to squeezing too many people into the vehicle. This can spoil the entire event.

If you hire the limo for a business event you can be assured of a practised touch. You get a professionally dressed chauffer to greet and treat your clients with style and dignity. These little details can create a significant impact and a quality Mamaroneck limo service will never overlook any detail however small.

Mamaroneck Limo Service: Around the Town in Class

It is essential to know whether to choose a black limo or a white limo. There are a few traditional standards to keep in mind. White limos are traditionally used for weddings because they go well with the overall theme. White limos are also very compatible for wedding decorations like flowers and streamers. White symbolizes the purity of the wedding gown. The limo also shows up well on the wedding photos – not too intruding yet making a statement. If you need a trendy and sleek limo for a night out, go for a black one. They are best suited to attend a prom or a party. Both white and black limos are available at your Mamaroneck limo service. Depending on your requests, accessories like sunroofs, flat screen TV, bars and luxurious interiors can also be fixed.

There are highlights in life that call for luxury and a limo symbolizes that luxury. Round off your perfect evening or your wedding day with a touch of class by hiring a limo. When it comes to business a limo can show your executives and clients that you go the extra mile. Place a call to a professional Mamaroneck limo service right now and let them make your next occasion stylish and memorable.

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